Washer 11kg 400G intelligent control

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Product Features

  • Intelligent controller offers.
    • Large display and one control knob for easy program selection

    • Language selection

    • Create new programs in your PC with the Laundry Program Manager, then transfer them to machines via USB port

    • Wash program packages optimized on Economy, Perfomance and Time. (Available on general programs)

  • Four compartment detergent box for manual dosing of powder or liquid detergent

  • High extraction force for efficient dewatering

  • Door with gasket and strong hinges built for heavy duty operation

  • Stainless and galvanized steel in all vital parts for high degree of rust protection

  • Proven robustness.
    • Maximises the extraction force, leading to highest dewatering and savings in drying

    • Minimizes the stress on the machine, leading to trouble-free operation and increased machine lifetime

    • Reduces vibrations, making it possible to install the machine in all locations


  • Drum volume 105 lt
Main specification
  • Dry wet capacity 11kg
  • G factor 400
  • WxDxH 910x821x1340mm


  • CAD Drawings
  • Data Sheet
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