All round performance

Whatever your needs, Wascomat offers a range of products offering the perfect solution for you.

The range consists of high spin models: G-factor from 300 to 400G.

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Robust construction for extended lifetime

  • Soft or solid mounted for different needs
  • The machine handles different unbalances without risk of water leakage
  • Stainless steel panels for protection against rust and corrosion

Easy to use thanks to the intelligent control

  • USB connection on the front for easy access and faster service
  • Easy and intuitive to read control panel and flexible and customisable intelligent control
  • Optimal ergonomic door opening and handle with door lock mechanism
  • Manual dosing and automatic dosing for connection to any detergent system

Best-in-class dewatering for lower operation cost

  • High Spin G-force(400), saving drying time and energy
  • Best-in-class drum perforation ensures removal of all dirt particles for maximum laundry care.
  • Less water to heat and less detergent required thanks to drain valve connected directly on the outer drum

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  • H7-55


    Washer 6kg 530G intelligent control
  • H7-75


    Washer 8kg 400G intelligent control
  • H7-105


    Washer 11kg 400G intelligent control
  • H7-130


    Washer 14kg 400G intelligent control
  • H7-180


    Washer 20kg 400G intelligent control
  • H7-240


    Washer 27kg 400G intelligent control